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Up-do Hair Styling

Wella Add-on

Lux repair and rescue! Expect 99% less breakage and 12x smoother hair with one of these add-on services to select Fabulous and Beyond Blow Out services, including color-treated hair and extensions. Call to book – 800-425-6179.

Wella Ultimate Repair Hair Rescue Mini Add-on Treatment rebuilds the cuticle’s surface protection and penetrates to repair hair from the core.

Wella Ultimate Repair Hair Rescue Full Add-on Regimen optimizes the results of our Rescue Mini by pre-treating your hair with a specialized, luxury shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo purifies and detoxes while the conditioner smooths and strengthens.

Hair repair and damage are the leading concerns of clients industry-wide.

hair damage causes

For hair to be its healthiest, Wella believes it must be treated from the inside and out. Their patented technology uses Alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHA) to rebuild internal hair structure and Omega-9 to coat the hair surface, bonding with the cuticle to create a protective barrier.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid is an organic acid, small enough to penetrate the hair fiber at the deepest level. It rebuilds hydrogen bonds in the root cortex for a strong hair foundation.

Omega-9 is a bio-identical (chemically the same to those your body produces) lipid, targeting the outside of the hair fiber.

+$20 | rescue mini-treatment add-on
+$35 | rescue regimen add-on