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browbarWhen we asked our customers what service they wanted us to add to our fabulous blow outs, it was unanimous - Facial Waxing! Let Halo create and maintain that fresh faced look that comes from well groomed brows and a face free of any unwanted “fuzz”.

Halo has 5 signature brow shapes or can easily follow the natural brow arch nature provided you!

All of our brow artists are certified cosmetologists and/or estheticians and additionally certified by Halo after completing a focused training program on mapping and shaping.

Stop In. Rock Out. Halo Deluxe Services

Facial Waxing - In addition to brows, halo offers full facial waxing for a complete fresh faced look.

  • Brows: $20
  • Lip: $10
  • Chin: $12
  • Sides: $15
  • Lip/Chin: $20
  • Chin/Sides: $25
  • Lip/Chin/Sides: $30
  • Complete (All Options): $50

Halo Signature Brow Shapes

classicThis tapered brow is the classic natural shape. A beautiful compliment to the eye without drawing attention to the brow.

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classicBend-at-the-end lifts the eye up and is a fashion forward look.

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classicThe swoop is another classic, but with a lot more attitude. This brow says, "Look at my eyes!"

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classicA soft, angled arch left full and thick. Superwoman had brows like this.

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classicThe "V" is a distinctive look, especially for women who wear makeup regularly. It opens up the area around the eye and magnifies the makeup you choose.

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