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Savvy Sleeper Pillowcases for Nighttime Hair Pampering

By on September 27, 2018 in Products |

  “Welcome to the slumber party!” Halo now carries White Russian Savvy Sleepers luxury satin, anti–aging pillow cases! Satin pillow cases are smoother for skin and help prevent split ends or hair breakage while you sleep. But not all satin pillow cases are created equal; low quality polyester satin blends tend to be very light-weight, look ultra-shiny and slip right off your pillow. They can feel cheap and irritating against your skin. Savvy Sleepers pillowcases use 100% pure polyester satin, making them anti-aging for hair and skin. Even, dermatologist recommended for preventing wrinkles. Halo stylists recommend them for preventing hair breakage. Savvy Sleepers satin has a soothing matte finish with the highest standard of quality stitching for unparalleled benefits for hair and skin. You take the time to care for your hair. Shouldn’t your pillowcases do the same all night long? Your locks will glide over the smooth satin so you’ll wake kink– and break–free. • Compared to a “Nightly Spa Treatment” as the smooth surface protects your skin from deep sleep creases that can become permanent over time. • Decreased hair breakage and split ends. • Dermatologist recommended for preventing wrinkles. • Secret pocket for hair ties, eye cream, lavender, etc. • Hypoallergenic. Tested on highly sensitive skin and were found to be less irritating for our testers suffering from rosacea, eczema, and acne, and those using Accutane medication or Retin-A. • 100% pure polyester satin. • European standard and king sizes. • Machine wash cold — tumble dry low or air dry. No dry cleaning needed! • Soothing matte finish with the highest standard of quality stitching in unisex shades. • Satisfaction guaranteed! |...

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Hair and Makeup by Halo

By on September 17, 2018 in Hair, Make Up |

Thank you to Gentry Magazine, for using Halo stylists for your September issue’s cover story, ON TREND. We could not appreciate our partner, Hope Patricia Daly Public Relations, more for this opportunity. We had a great day – and the results are...

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